Summer Camps 2019

Summer Camps 2019

Our classes  are taught by experienced artists and educators. Learn from local artists!

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In Person: South Surrey Recreation & Arts Centre 14601-20 Ave, Surrey

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PLEASE NOTE: Students may withdraw up to 7 days prior to the camp start date. A refund will be granted, less a processing fee. No refunds granted after the 7 day period has passed.


Art Outside!
Take your creativity outside and get inspired by nature! Young artists will spend time outside and in the Visual Art Studio making art based on the theme of the natural world. Games and Activities are also included in this fun, energetic camp!

4 days           Aug 6-9     $84             4-6yrs
Tu-F                 10:00-12:00                       #4654161


 Imagine Art!
Develop your child’s creative spirit in this unique class where imagination and creativity is encouraged! Each day, young artists will explore new media and techniques like drawing, painting, papier-mâché and much more!

5 days             July 8-12     $105             4-6yrs
M-F                 10:00-12:00                       #4654857

Superheroes and Villains
Students will become their favourite heroes and villains as they explore the exciting world of acting. Creating plots, performing scenes and having fun with improv are all ways that students will learn drama skills, build confidence and get to explore the heroic stories that they love.

5 days     July 29-Aug 2             $105       4-6yrs
M-F         10:00-12:00                         #

Art at the Beach
Seaside and beach themes will inspire the art and activities in this camp Bring the beach indoors and have fun creating artwork about the seaside with beach materials. Make everlasting sandcastles, shell paintings, rock art and more!

5 days             July 22-26     $105             4-6yrs
M-F                 10:00-12:00                       #4654950

Make Believe Magic
Make your favourite stories come to life with the power of theatre! Students will explore books through dressing-up and acting them out and they will create their own stories through improvisation and games, all while nurturing imagination and cultivating creativity!
5 days             July 22-26     $105           4-6yrs
M-F                 10:00-12:00                        #


Star Wars Acting
Explore a universe of fun while you bring the Star Wars characters and stories to life. Kids will learn basic acting skills to act out Star Wars stories while gaining performance skills and self-confidence – a force that will stay with them for years to come!

5 days     July 8-12             $105       4-6yrs
M-F         10:00-12:00                         #

Superhero Costumes and Super Art
Who’s your favourite superhero? Unleash your superhero powers as you design & make a fabric superhero cape, mask and wristbands. Super artwork and activities included in this super fun camp!

5 days           Aug 12-16     $105             4-6yrs
M-F                 10:00-12:00                       #4654949

Musical Discovery & Sound Exploration
Explore the joy of music through listening to musical sounds, making rhythm, melody and composing music together on a variety of traditional and non-traditional musical instruments. Young children will focus on the creative and playful side of sound exploration and develop an appreciation of the musical process. A great foundation for future musicians!

5 days             July 29-Aug 2     $105             4-6yrs
M-F                 10:00-12:00                       #4654159

Pottery Parent and Child

Spend  some quality time with your child getting creative with clay! Parent and child will work together and individually on hand build pottery projects in the Semiahmoo Arts Pottery Studio. Have some fun making art and some lasting memories. Child must be 5 yrs or older.

5 days     July 15-19             $150       5-17yrs
M-F         10:00-12:00                  #4654163
5 days     Aug 12-16             $150       5-17yrs

M-F         10:00-12:00                  #4656918

Kid Hop
Kid Hop teaches the basic principles of movement through the fun and dynamic genre of Hip Hop dance. Creative moves and hip hop beats add a fresh take to young children’s movement education.
5 days     July 15-19             $105       4-6yrs
M-F         10:00-12:00                         #4654836
5 days     July 22-26            $130       7-9yrs
M-F         12:30-3:00                         #4654835

Pottery Exploration
Experience the fun of creating with clay! Kids will learn pinch, slab, coil and sculpting clay methods while creating functional and sculptural pieces.

5 days     July 8-12             $120       5-7yrs M-F         10:00-12:00                  #4654963
5 days     July 22-26           $120       5-7yrs M-F       10:00-12:00                  #4654964
5 days     Aug 19-23           $120       5-7yrs M-F       10:00-12:00                  #4654966

5 days     July 8-12             $150        8-12yrs M-F      12:30-3:00                   #4654965
5 days     July 22-26          $150        8-12yrs M-F      12:30-3:00                    #4654968
5 days     Aug 19-23           $150        8-12yrs M-F       12:30-3:00                   #4654971
5 days     Jul 29-Aug 2      $120       8-12yrs M-F       10:00-12:00                  #4654967 

4 days     Aug 6-9               $96          5-7yrs M-F       10:00-12:00                  #4654961
4 days     Aug 6-9               $120        8-12yrs M-F     12:30-3:00                    #4654962

Tie Dye & Fabric Art
Experiment with different fabric painting techniques from tie dying, stamping, screen printing, image transferring and more. Young artists will create their own original designs on a variety of fabric items from t-shirts to wall hangings and go home at the end of camp with some fun and useful items!

5 days             Aug 12-16     $130             6-10yrs
M-F                 12:30-3:00                       #4654158


S.T.E.A.M School of Wizarding Magic
Park your brooms at the door and come for a week filled with magic and mischief! Wizards and Witches will be trained in making magic potions, create their own magical creatures, practice spells and much more while exploring elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Get engaged in the magic of learning!.

5 days             July 22-26     $130             6-10yrs
M-F                 12:30-3:00                       #4654157


Ready, Set, Paint!
This fun class will lead you on a paint-filled adventure. Let your imagination run wild as you create all sorts of characters and creatures. Explore with paint, pastels and collage while learning a variety of fun techniques with guidance from practicing artist Cara Guri.

5 days     July 15-19             $130       7-11yrs
M-F         10:00-12:00                            #


Make Your Own Doll House
Using the IKEA basic wooden doll house as the base, kids will painty, decorate and make mini furniture and dolls for their very own doll house. Kids will LOVE creating their own mini world and, best of all, they get to take their house home! Doll house and all materials included.

5 days     Aug 12-16             $175       6-12yrs
M-F         12:30-3:00                        #4654856


Little Fashionista
Be a fashion designer and turn your fashion ideas into something wearable! In this camp you will learn fashion sketching, pattern making, creating fabrics and constructing wearable fashion accessories. Last day of camp will be a mini runway to celebrate your creations!

5 days     Aug 12-16             $135       6-12yrs
M-F         10:00-12:00                         #4654855


Puppet Making & Puppet Theatre
Welcome to the magic world of puppets! Learn about and make different types of puppets. Work together to put on puppet shows in this creative and imaginative art camp. Bring home your puppets to continue the fun at home!

5 days             July 29-Aug 2     $130             6-12yrs
M-F                 12:30-3:00                       #4654952

Papier-mâché Sculpture Art
Kids will have some goopy, messy fun in this creative camp. Contemporary artists who work with papier-mâché will be explored. Students will learn how to use this technique to create art of their own such as imaginative masks, jewelry and 3D sculptures.

5 days             July 8-12     $130             6-12yrs
M-F                 12:30-3:00                       #4654160


Book Making From Cover to Cover
Students will write and illustrate stories and bind them using various book binding methods and art techniques. Young writers and artists are encouraged to expand their creative writing skills and artistic imagination in this multifaceted camp.

5 days             Aug 6-9     $105             6-12yrs
Tu-F                 12:30-3:00                       #4654952

Musical Theatre 
Musical Theatre incorporates acting, dancing, and singing into one exciting genre. This class with instructor Melanie Reich introduces students to the exploration of each skill while letting their creative impulses flourish into theatrical creation.

Broadway Beats
5 days     July 8-12             $130       7-12yrs
M-F         12:30-3:00                            #4654852

Disney Favourites
5 days     July 29-Aug 2             $130       7-12yrs

M-F         12:30-3:00                            #4654851

On-Camera Acting
Wanna be in the movies? Or TV? The first step is learning the basics of acting for the camera. From commercial auditions to movie scenes, this class gives students the foundational skills they need to succeed.
5 days             July 15-19     $130           7-12yrs
M-F                 12:30-3:00                        #

Photography Fun
Explore the world around you! Artist and photographer Melanie Watts will teach children the technical aspects of their cameras while encouraging their unique perspectives as they explore the garden and surrounding area for inspiration. Cameras not supplied.

5 days     Aug 12-16             $130       10-17 yrs
M-F         9:30-12:00                            #


Create a Graphic Novel
Explore creative expression in your own unique interpretation of graphic novels through writing, drawing and painting. Artist Nicci Battilana will lead you towards creating your own mini graphic novel while developing your story telling skills. Bring your imagination to life! Wear your painting clothes!

5 days     Aug 19-23             $105       11-17yrs
M-F         10:00-12:00                            #


Creative Painting and Drawing
Express yourself in this engaging camp that focuses on creativity, ideas and fun techniques. Learn how to blend and shade while channeling your artistic vision. Experiment with charcoal, pastels, and other media with the guidance of practicing artist Cara Guri.

5 days     July 15-19             $130       11-17yrs
M-F         12:30-3:00                            #


Uniquely Me Bullet Jouraling
Get empowered! Bullet journaling combines art and organizational skills, helping you create a journal, planner, sketchbook or goal tracker that is uniquely designed to fit YOU! Local artist Nicci Battilana will share her tips and tools to de-stress and organize projects and goals with the magic of art. Great preparation for the upcoming school year! Notebook provided or bring your own.

5 days     Aug 19-23             $130       12-17yrs
M-F         12:30-3:00                            #

Teen Pottery Camp
Welcome to the world of pottery! Students will be led through techniques in both handbuilding and wheel-throwing. A great class for both beginners and returning students wishing to develop already existing pottery skills. Demonstrations and instruction will be given in glazing as well as painting your finished pottery pieces.

5 days     July 15-19             $150       12-17yrs M-F         12:30-3:00                            #4654975
5 days     July 29-Aug 2        $150       12-17yrs M-F         12:30-3:00                            #4654876
5 days     Aug 12-16             $150       12-17yrs M-F         12:30-3:00                            #4654977