Double Exposure – AWARDS

We wrapped our Double Exposure Photography/Poetry Exhibit by celebrating the Awards Ceremony. 

And the winners are:

Photography Winners: 
Youth Photography, 1st Place, Sol Rogers

Youth Photography, Honourable Mention,
Duran Battilana

Youth Photography, Honourable Mention,
William Lauzon

Seascapes/Water, Karsten Kramer

Cityscapes/Architecture, Michael Bjorge

Social Commentary, George Omorean

Animals, Carmen Braun

Action/Movement, John Keselyak Jr.

People’s Choice, Jen Hough

Photo Challenge, Janet Kvammen

 Poetry Winners: 
1st Place, Irene Plett
Woman hands out soup
in the dark downtown eastside
a hug might follow

2nd Place, Nancy Painter

3rd Place, Barbara Carter
Congratulations to all the winners!