Art in the City

Saturday & Sunday
September 30 & October 1, 2017
10:00am to 4:00pm

Registration Deadline: July 14, 2017 | Artist Fee $40.00

Welcome to the 4th annual Art in the City event! This event is a partnership between Discover Surrey, Semiahmoo Arts, and the Arts Council of Surrey, and is intended to enhance and promote Arts and Culture within our city.
Studio & Artwork This year’s tour will take place 6-7 touch down spots. This will create an opportunity for artists to come together and maximize their exposure. The tour will include artists from a variety of mediums. Artists should have a significant inventory of work to showcase, and be prepared to demonstrate their skills during the tour. Activities during the tour such as live demonstrations and mini- workshops are highly encouraged. (Demos/workshop times, topics, etc. will be highlighted in marketing material)
Marketing & Promotion Registration includes an artist listing on the Discover Surrey website, as well as a basic listing on the program brochure.
Art in the City will be promoted through various media channels by Discover Surrey, the Arts Council of Surrey and Semiahmoo Arts. This will include:
• dedicated website
• promotion through social media, blogs, newsletters and other online media outlets
• listings on various art, tourism and city-wide websites
• promotion on the Arts Council Spotlight magazine
• print media campaigns such as posters and brochures (available for distribution at registrants’ studios)
• promotion through local news
Enhanced marketing & promotion for an additional $25 an artist may choose to opt into the enhanced marketing of the program. The enhanced marketing and promotion will include:
• feature blog post promoting the artist, their story and their work
• up to $100 paid Facebook advertising for their blog post.
• Prominent placement in the informational brochure
Small Print Interested applicants must be members of the Art Council of Surrey or Semiahmoo Arts, as well as Discover Surrey partners. Discover Surrey partnerships are free. Participants not already partnered with Discover Surrey will be automatically registered with the studio tour application. Registrations will be submitted for approval by the Art in the City Organizing Committee. Please note that submitting a registration does not guarantee participation at the event and if not selected, a refund will be issued.

Art in the City 2017 Application_Fillable