2017 April

Calling all amateur and professional writers to participate in Semiahmoo Arts’ annual Double Exposure POETRY CHALLENGE. Double Exposure creates a platform for dialogue between photography and poetry. This exhibition showcases the talent of our community in celebration of two popular annual events: Capture Photography Festival as well as Canada’s National Poetry Month. The purpose of the exhibition is to showcase local photography while forging poetry based on the exhibited photographs. This Poetry Challenge involves writing poetry based on the Double Exposure Photography exhibition that will be on display starting March 30. Double Exposure not only celebrates local writers- it also generates opportunities for their connection and growth. Winning poems will be determined by… Read More

Local Abstractions: A Nonrepresentational Community Art Show is an opportunity to explore materiality of the painted surface as well as experience artwork that does not represent things as they are but rather how they feel. 1.Please submit your artwork that is identified as abstract expressionism, metaphysical, geometric abstraction, lyrical abstraction or the like. 2.Please do not submit artworks that are partially abstract. Please do not submit figurative artwork. 3.Submit 2 artworks. SA’s acting curators will choose one for the exhibition. 4.The acting curators will not be adjudicating the work. We will accept the first 12 artists with completed submission forms. 5.We will also reserve the work of the 13th artist as a… Read More