Art Classes for Kids


Our classes  are taught by experienced artists and educators. Learn from local artists!

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Sensory Art Exploration
Paint with a truck, a feather or your fingers! In this parent-participation class, your child will be encouraged to engage, explore and experiment with a wide variety of art and craft mediums. Each week you and your child will play with a different selection of sensory-rich art-themed projects and activities. Be prepared to get messy!
6 Sessions                          $120                                                     1.5-4yrs
Tuesdays                            10:00am-10:45am     Sep 12           #4547731


Wee-Dance Move & Groove    Imagination Builder
This class is a fun introduction to music and movement for the young child who isn’t ready to separate from their caregiver, but ready to explore in a nurturing learning environment. Basic elements of dance are introduced in a positive & loving way through music and fun props.
8 Sessions                           $120                                                        20-36mos
Thursdays                           10:15am-11:00am         Sept 21         #4547729


Wee-Dance: Level 1    Confidence Builder
Join certified Royal Academy of Dance instructor Shelby Kargl for a fun and formative introduction to dance! Your little one will be introduced to basic ballet vocabulary while exploring movement & music through games, music and fun props. Students will also work on classroom skills, such as following direction, listening and working with others.
8 Sessions                            $136                                                          3-4yrs
Thursdays                            9:30am-10:15am            Sept 21          #4547727


Wee-Dance: Level 2     Passion Power
Join certified Royal Academy of Dance instructor Shelby Kargl for a fun and positive dance class! Your child will continue to build on their ballet vocabulary, while exploring the passion for dance in a fun, creative way! In Level two students will gain confidence in combination building and step linking.
8 Sessions                           $136                                                          4-5yrs
Thursdays                           11:15am-12noon               Sept 21         #4547730


Suzuki Violin Preparatory Class
Every child can learn to play the violin and this Suzuki prep class prepares children for success through developing rhythm, singing, and learning to hold their instruments. Parents attend the classes along with their children, as parental participation is a core concept of the Suzuki method. No instruments are needed for the class.
10 Sessions                         $105                                                         3-5yrs
Wednesdays                       10:00am-10:45am        Sep 13            #4547728
10 Sessions                         $115                                                          6-8yrs
Fridays                                3:30pm-4:30pm            Sep 15            #4547799


Imagine Art!
Develop your child’s creative spirit in this unique class where imagination and creativity is encouraged! Each week young artists will explore new media and techniques like drawing, painting, papier mâché and much more!
8 Sessions                             $85                                                          4-7yrs
Wednesdays                         3:30pm-4:30pm             Sep 13          #4547802
8 Sessions                             $105                                                         7-11yrs
Wednesdays                         5:00pm-6:30pm             Sep 13         #4547803


Drawing and Painting Fundamentals

Young artists will be introduced to basic techniques and fundamental concepts. Students will learn techniques such as graphing, shading, perspective, colour mixing and different painting methods. Learn drawing and painting skills you can build on. Bring your imagination to life!
6 Sessions                            $97.50                                                      7-12yrs
Tuesdays                              4:00pm-5:30pm              Sep 12          #4547805


Textile Crafts to Make and Do

Explore the many ways of creating crafts and art with textiles. Kids will learn some of the basic skills of knitting and weaving while also exploring some more unique ways of creating with textiles such as felting and fabric dying. We will create different projects every session so returning students can build their skills!
6 Sessions                             $84                                                             6-9yrs
Mondays                               3:30pm-4:30pm             Sep 11             #4547810
6 Sessions                              $126                                                            10-17yrs
Mondays                               5:00pm-6:30pm             Sep 11             #4549571
5 Sessions                              $70                                                              6-9yrs
Wednesdays                         3:30pm-4:30pm              Nov 8             #4547811
5 Sessions                              $105                                                            10-17yrs
Wednesdays                         5:00pm-6:30pm              Nov 8            #4549572


Pottery for Kids
Discover the magic of creating with clay in this introduction to pottery. Kids will learn different ceramic techniques in the Semiahmoo Arts Pottery Studio while making a variety of fun and functional hand sculpted objects. Different projects every session! Semiahmoo Arts instructors are practicing artists and experienced art educators.
8 Sessions                             $120                                                          5-7yrs
Thursdays                             3:30pm-5:00pm              Sep 14           #4549300
8 Sessions                              $120                                                           7-11yrs
Thursdays                             5:00pm-6:30pm              Sep 14           #4549301


Teen Pottery

Students will be led through techniques in both handbuilding and wheelthrowing. A great class for both beginners and returning students wishing to develop already existing pottery skills.
8 Sessions                            $120                                                           11-17yrs
Wednesdays                        4:00pm-5:30pm              Sep 13            #4547806