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October 25 - November 17

Mark Blaney: PhotoArtistic Images


My “PhotoArtistic Images” have been enhanced with unique textural effects that induce a more complex viewer reaction. In addition to the isolated instant captured by the camera, my images also seem to express the passage of time. This subtle effect – evoking the passage of time within a still image – encourages a deeper emotional response and often elicits a more profound appreciation for the work.

Each source image is deliberately composed to allow enough space for the digital textures to merge effectively. The textural images are derived from natural sources – rippling waters, raindrops, weathered surfaces, plant forms, rock formations, cloudscapes and random detritus.

It has taken many years for me to develop these inimitable techniques,
and a lifetime of artistic evolution to apply them with devotion and expertise.

Oct 20- Nov 16, in the Corridor Galleria at South Surrey Rec. & Arts Centre .



October 25
November 17
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