SUMMER 2018 

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Our classes  are taught by experienced artists and educators. Learn from local artists!


Modern Weaving and Macramé
Let’s create macramé, tapestry weaving, fibre jewelry and more. In this class you will learn essential techniques such as braids, knots and finishings to make unique fibre art pieces with a modern twist. Supplies provided.

Wednesdays                       4 Classes                                  Jun 6-27
12:00pm-2:00pm                     $120                                 #4586322

Paint with Acrylics or Oils
Experienced artist Bette Hurd will lead you through basic techniques in drawing and acrylic or oil painting. Explore colour mixing, brush technique, perspective, and composition in this creative class for students of all levels.

5 Classes                                                                               $127
Mondays    10:30am-1:30pm        May 28-Jun 25             #4579839
Tuesdays   11:30am-2:30pm         May 29-Jun 26             #4579840

Painting Demonstrations with Tony O’Regan
Tony has decades of experience teaching art and design at UBC, Emily Carr, Kwantlen, and the Shadbolt Centre. Join us in the Visual Art Studio to see Tony demonstrate how he draws and paints the face, the figure and perspective.

Monday                                          May 28                                        All Ages
7:00pm-9:00pm                             #4585335                                      Free

Acrylic or Watercolour Painting with Tony
Use either watercolour or acrylic paints in this class taught by Tony O’Regan ( where you will learn painting techniques and how to apply perspective, sketching analysis and composition. This is a great way to start or continue your artistic expression and is suitable for all levels.

Mondays                               4 Classes                            Jun 4-Jun 25
6:30pm-9:00pm                       $110                                      #4581152

Pottery Wheel Throwing Skill Builder
Continue to develop your wheel throwing skills in this class where you will focus on techniques to take your throwing to the next level. Students must have taken a beginner’s pottery class at Semiahmoo Arts Pottery Studio.

Thursdays                             4 Classes                                  Jun 07-Jun 28 
6:30pm-9:00pm                     $98                                           #4582672

Pottery – Simple Mold Making
Make friends with plaster! Learn the quick ‘n dirty way to make molds for handles and decorations for your pottery and sculptures. You will also get the chance to play with vintage molds with instructor Amelia Butcher.

Wednesdays                             4 Classes                                  Jun 06-Jun 27 
6:30pm-9:00pm                     $98                                           #4586359

Pottery Surface Decoration Exploration
This course is designed for potters who are interested in exploring the many ways to decorate their ceramic pieces. Transfer images and create interesting layers and patterns using techniques such as sgraffito, inlay, slips, stencils, sprigs and much more! Students must have already taken a Semiahmoo Arts beginner pottery course. Clay body of choice may be purchased in studio.

Tuesdays                             4 Classes                                  Jun 05-Jun 26 
6:30pm-9:00pm                     $98                                           #4579831


Natural Dyes and Eco-prints

Learn how to dye fabric simply from natural and easily found ingredients. Each week textile artist Hilary Young will teach you how to create beautiful colours and eco-prints. Come away with a unique and useable item each week.

Wednesdays                             3 Classes                                  July 09 – 23 
6:30pm-8:30pm                     $120                                           #4599924


Happa-Zome: The Art of Pounding Flowers

Capture the colours of summer! Learn a fun and easy technique of transferring the natural pigments of flowers and leaves onto fabric and paper. Weather permitting, we will set up outside!

Saturday                             1 Class                                  July 21 
10:00am – 12:00pm                     $40                                           #4602309
Saturday                             1 Class                                  Aug 18 
10:00am – 12:00pm                     $40                                           #4602310



Painting the Portrait

Learn tips and techniques for drawing and painting the portrait using proportion, shading and different facial perspectives. Explore underpainting, blocking in, glazing and learn about mixing convincing skin tones with the guidance of professional artis Cara Guri. Supplies not included.

Wednesdays                             6 Classes                                  July 11- Aug 15 
6:30pm-9:00pm                     $210                                           #4604686



What is Raku (楽焼 raku-yaki)? A type of Japanese pottery traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies, most often in the form of chawan tea bowls.

Raku Pottery Making and Firing
In this two-part workshop, participants will hand build or wheel throw some pottery pieces the week before in our studio. The following week they will then glaze and fire their pieces outside in the Raku kiln. No pottery experience necessary. Participants can fire up to 3 pieces. Additional bisque ware available to purchase.

Saturdays                             2 Sessions                                Aug 4 & Aug 11 
10:00am-2:00pm                     $75                                           #4604687

Raku Alternative Firing Methods (with Jesse Rasmussen)
Several raku firings will occur during this workshop with Washington artist, Jesse Rasmussen. Tips and techniques will be shared regarding glaze application, burnishing terra sigillata, obvara firing, horse hair firing, and general raku kiln building and operation.

Students can bring up to 4 medium sized pieces (no greater than 8”x8”, no flat pieces) that are bisqued and ready for glazing. Items for horse hair firing should be burnished with terra sigillata and bisqued as well. Work for obvara firing needs to be bisqued and this technique does very well with textured surfaces.

Saturday                             1 Sessions                                June 23 
10:00am-4:00pm                   $75            Call Semiahmoo Arts to register:   (604) 536-8333

Horsehair Raku Pottery Firing Workshop (with Tony Wilson)
Participants will explore the method of using horse hair to decorate the surface of raku fired pots. Students will work together to fire pottery in our outdoor raku kiln.


  • Up to 6 pieces of bisque pots that are burnished using terra sigillata.
  • Use M-Sculpt or Laguna WSO
  • Pieces cannot exceed 6”x6”. No falt pieces permitted.

Saturday                             1 Sessions                                July 14 
10:00am-4:00pm                   $75            Call Semiahmoo Arts to register:   (604) 536-8333

Raku Pottery Firing Workshops (with Angela Hopkins)
Participants will work together to fire their pottery pieces outside in our Raku kiln. Participants can fire up to 5 pieces. All your pieces should be bisque-fired and made with a heavy grog clay such as M-Sculp or Laguna WSO clay which can be purchased from Semiahmoo Arts. Dimensions of your pieces should not exceed 6”x6” in diameter. No flat pieces permitted.  Raku glazes provided.

Saturday                             1 Sessions                                July 28 
10:00am-4:00pm                   $50            Call Semiahmoo Arts to register:   (604) 536-8333

Saturday                             1 Sessions                                Aug 25 
10:00am-4:00pm                   $50            Call Semiahmoo Arts to register:   (604) 536-8333

Saturday                             1 Sessions                                Sept 8 
10:00am-4:00pm                   $50            Call Semiahmoo Arts to register:   (604) 536-8333